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  We need help in the VOLUNTEER part of our program:
  1. We are building a database for people to use to compare the outcomes of government in their community with the outcomes of government in other communities. This involves gathering, validating and maintaining budget, staffing and outcome information from communities like yours. Your participation on the team from your community will be rewarding and appreciated.
  2. We need technical help in developing and maintaining data-driven web sites.
  3. We need help in thinking through how to best present our data so they can most effectively be used by communities seeking to govern with greater functionality.
  4. Related to #3 above, we also need help articulating measurable outcomes so that communities can, more objectively, look at and assess the functioning of their government. For example, one measurable outcome that can be compared with some validity from community to community is the response time for 911 calls. How long does it take competent emergency personnel to be on your door step with the proper equipment after you dial 911? Other such measures need to be established. Please include your suggestion on the form below.
  5. Of course we need help with money for our volunteer work but we would prefer that you help in one of the above ways unless you are able to make a contribution of $5,000 or more. Should you wish to assist in that way; checks may be made out and sent to: The Center for Government Functionality, c/o James Tierney-Founder, PO Box 235, Brownfield, Maine 04010. (contributions are not tax deductible)


  Should you be inclined to help, please use the following link to get the process started: Volunteer Participation Form