The Center is building a TEN MILLION BLOCK

The purpose of the Block is to create, at the lowest possible cost, a personal site to organize information and communication around. We estimate this can be done at an initial fee of $97.50 per person and a $12-$15 annual maintenance fee.

When we reach one million investors, the first 10,000 investors will have $45 returned in recognition of their early appreciation of the value herein.

When we reach five million investors, each investor will become an owner of a slot in the block. As such, you will receive a life time e-mail account and software, called MYSELF, through which to convert data to relevant information about yourself. No pop up ads or other junk. Just stuff about you which you would like to have better organized.

When we reach ten million owners, each owner will receive an allotment of minutes for personal communication and a way to organize that communication called, JUST A PHONE, which you may use to make whatever you feel most represents your need for keeping track of things.

The Block will be structured similar to the Sorrento Scientific Society (as a matrix as opposed to a hierarchical structure) and will never set out to achieve anything other than that which is stated above. Your personal information will never be available to anyone but yourself.

Should we not have one million investors in twenty-four months, $90 will be returned to all that had invested by that time.

Click here if you would like to join with us.