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Welcome to the Center for Government Functionality Web Site.

Our site consists of a lot of text. We apologize for that since we understand text does not grab or hold your attention as well as graphics do. We use text because there are some simple things that need to be said about government to cut through all the garbage that has accrued over the years and to thereby create a context through which we can get more satisfaction from it.  

The Center exists to synthesize what we know about functionality, what we know about the history of government and what we can guess about the future so that we can enhance awareness  for the range of options people have to govern ourselves. This site presents a fairly unique view of the history of government and suggests possible ways that government may evolve over time. We hope to expand the notion of government beyond the way it is most often thought of to include other organizational structures and more functional use of existing governmental resources. The idea of functionality is central to our thinking in order to emphasize that people can get more out of government when we know better what we want from it.

If you can suffer through our view of the history of government, our view of functionality in government and our thoughts as to where government may be evolving to, you may see, as we do, great potential to be actualized and wonder together with us about how we might govern ourselves given the needs and resources of the twenty-first century.

Go to our functionality link if you want to know more about the mechanics of how organizations work. Go to ourevolution link if you want to know more about how we see the future of governments. Go to our connect link if you would like to participate in what we are doing.

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